Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back to Real Life

Its sad to back to real life, as you have probably herd we (my Mom, Dad, Sheila, Dan and I) went on a Alaskan Cruise on the 11th of May. We had a blast here are some pics:

On our fist day in Alaska we went whale watching, we saw a lot of Humpback whales, moms and there calf's. We also had a one in a life time sighting of Orka whales, they are not very common in the cold waters of Alaska so it is rare to see them, it was a special treat:) Here is our privet boat and captain. Say Cheese!!The next day we went to the Yukon and went dog sledding. It was a blast!! on the way there we saw a lot of beautiful scenery.Here we are in front of our ship. Rhapsody of the SeaWe were able to see a Sackson Clan house and the village people put on a show for us of there native song and dance. The kids killed me they were soooooo cute!!!
Here we are just being nerds. Smile:)It was a great trip, I would love to do it every year. I can alway hope.

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