Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The day I would have liked to skip!

Today was one of those days, you know the ones that you wish you could just skip over. It started off OK until I remembered I had a appointment with my case worker to talk about my schooling, I had not prepared the information I was supposed to bring to her (that is what I get when I procrastinate) so I scrambled to put it all together before I went. On the way to the meeting I stared going over all the things that need to happen for me to go back to school and all the people that it would affect. The more I thought about it the more upset I became, I just wanted to give up before it all got started, it just felt like to much work and stress and I was going to have to sacrifice a lot in order to do this:

• Move back in with mom and dad (if I can talk dad into it)
• Refinance our house, so Dan and Sheila can afford for me to move out.
• Find a job that pays more then 8 bucks a hour part time (in this economy, good luck!)
• Qualify for financing
• Cut expenses in half
• Get the SCHOOL TO CALL ME BACK (I have only called 100 times, OK a little of a exaggeration)

The thing is I know this is what I need to do right now in my life, I just fill like there is a lot holding me back. 
Anyway after my meeting I went to my Mom and Dads house to talk to Dad about the "M" word. My mom and I made sure dinner was on the table when he got home to help butter him up for the big talk.
He got home and I could tell that he was not in the best mood, but I really needed to talk to him because school starts the end of May, so things had to be moving along.
I brought it up after dinner and ...... Nothing, he didn't say a word, so I asked him if he heard me and still nothing, he didn't even look at me. So I asked him again about what he thought about the idea of me moving back in so I could go to school..... Nothing. So I put on my coat and went home, of corse I balled all they way home. It is so stressful anyway and for him to not even talk to me about it did not help the matter at all. 
So I guess I need to find a new plan.... It sucks, but I am not giving up, I will be going back to school one way or the other.
Sorry this post was depressing:(

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Dan and Sheila said...

I love you Sharon, and you can stay with us as long as you want. (Not really)LOL :) No really you are such a big help and I am truly sad you are moving. It would be nice if you could stay a little longer, but I am happy that you are moving on with your life and hopefully to bigger and better things. I know that you will do great! Love you