Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I caved in

Yes! I fell into doing a blog. Sheila (My twin sister) has been doing one for awhile and there has been a lot of things that I have wanted to say when reading it. So I thought it would be good to start a blog myself. This blog will have some weight watcher tips and trick, and I will let you know how I'm doing on my weight loss. Also I want to talk about being 35, LDS and still single. I am running a Marathon in September and wanted to blog on how my training is going. from time to time I will through in some digital scrapbooking tips, and currant art projects I am working on.
I am really exited to have an outlet for my feelings and too be able to talk to others who are in my same boat. I have felt a little left out, with being able to express my feelings on losing my new niece, and will now and then touch on those feelings. I basically feel that I need to be heard, and am looking forward to this outlet. Thanks!

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Dan and Sheila said...

Sharon I love that you have done your own blog. I am exited to read your new posts. I LOVE IT!